Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Keona's Pet Boutique Party

My daughter celebrated her birthday last weekend.  Since she's crazy about pets and always wanting her own 'pet shop.  We made her dream come true with a 'pet boutique' just for her.

We started out with the guests searching where their puppies put their 'bones'.  I sewed these felt bones as a 'toy' for their new adopted stuffed pups.

They then received their puppy and an adoption certificate.

The guests were then able to create their own pet collars for their animals.  We used ribbons, stick on gems, and a bell and card stock name tag.

As for the dessert table, I created a canopy for the 'store front'.

We served vanilla cupcakes instead of a cake (as per the birthday girls request). 

And sugar cookies shaped like different pets.

Pet food in jars; which were gumdrops, bubblegum and bonbons.

Her pet boutique also had pet leashes (candy necklaces).

And bird seed (sesame snap treats).

And even bunny food.

Since the birthday girl loves cotton candy, we had purple cotton candy for 'bunny tails'.

We served candy fish in small aquariums with the punch.

And had some gummy mice in their shelters, too.

The guests got to guess the amount of puppy treats in the jar.

And they carried their pups home in custom carriers.

The birthday girl had a fantastic time on her special day.

Candy from Bulk Barn
Printables from vixenMade
Paper straws and candy cups from Homesense and Pick Your Plum

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Fishing Themed Party

Last month, we celebrated a 50th birthday party for my husband's stepfather.  He loves to fish, so it was only appropriate to have fun with that sort of theme.
I helped out by putting together a dessert table for all the treats, so I thought I'd share some of the photos of the event.

Since it was a rainy day, we had to set it all up in their garage, so it wasn't the best lighting.   But I think everyone had fun nonetheless. 

I was asked to whip up some fish sugar cookies.  These were so much fun to make!

All the gummy candy we placed in a tackle box for 'tackle'.

And the marshmallow 'cattails' were among the liquorice 'grass'.

The kids all love goldfish, so I made some fun fishing nets out of cheesecloth to hold them in.

I also created some quick fishing themed food labels for the table and stood them up with folded paper boats.

I also made 'mud pies', which were chocolate corn flake clusters.

Of course, we had to have cake pops decorated to look like 'floaters'.

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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

DIY Gold & White Polkadot Tray

I've always loved a spray painting DIY.  I also really love gold and white.
So here's a fun DIY project that includes both.. Yay!
I created this pretty new tray for my living space for $1!  

Since I already had some gold spray paint from past projects, and I also had some wide painters tape and a circle paper punch, all this took was a $1 dollar plastic tray from the local dollar store.

To get my circle stickers, I ran the tape along some paper (cardstock works good, too).

Then punched out my circles with my paper punch.

And since I don't have fingernails... I used a dab of water to peel off the paper from the tape.  The little bit of water I used doesn't alter the effectiveness of painters tape.  Yay again!  But if you can peel them suckers off without water.. all the better.  Just be sure to peel carefully.  No need to rush these things.

An alternative I've seen people do is sticking your tape to wax paper, then punching.  But the wax paper wouldn't peel off of the tape for me.

Once you've placed your circles where you want them, you can get ready for paint.

I used this brand of paint.  And it used about 2 good coats.

And here's how she looks:

Not bad for a dollar! 

Have fun!!

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