Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Ninja Party

So my boys turned 5.  

What the heck?

I honestly do not know where the time has gone.  
Well, these two are pretty into playing ninjas with their friends.  Which made it easy to decide to have a ninja themed party.  

Last weekend, we celebrated by going to a martial arts dojo, Okami Martial Arts.
They were pretty darn excited about it, too!  

Here's the recap of what went down that day.

I was able to set up our own decorations and tables, which made my job so much easier!

To create the dessert table the way I wanted, we decided to make our own shoji screen.  And by we I mean my husband made it.  Ha!  Lucky me.

I made the banner myself using a Japanese translation of my boys names, Beckett & Pascal.  Note:  this is actual Chinese characters, used as Kanji, the Japanese writing system.  Just thought I'd clarify.

The chocolate dipped pretzels represented ninja swords, of course.

My boys are opposites, so I made two types of cupcakes to suit their tastes.  Chocolate with chocolate buttercream and strawberry with strawberry buttercream frosting.

And it wouldn't be right to not have our ninjas enjoy some candy 'sushi'!

The candy sticks I strung on bamboo picks to resemble dragons.

Lime green jelly beans to look like beans or edamame.

I made the sugar cookies and decorated them to look like the ninjas on their invitation.  I also had some decorated like throwing stars.

Black and white wafer cookies were our 'black belts'.

The sour cherry candies were perfect to add to our sushi dishes.

The kids had a table to eat their treats at.  We created a low table to kneel at, similar to a Japanese tea house.

Each place setting had a coconut covered cake ball (a.k.a. rice ball), a fortune cookie, their 'green tea' (fruit punch) and their very own set of chopsticks to take home.

Their 'takeout' boxes were filled with a set of toy throwing stars, 'ninja sticks' (like on the dessert table, which were small boxes of candy sticks), their own head band and belt ties (which they all wore during their exercises.  They were then topped with a ninja pencil.

They each got to hold a real samurai sword (it was dull, not to worry).

That's it!  Hope you enjoyed seeing the highlights from their special day!

Giant balloons: Bazaar & Novelty

Cupcake liners/cups: Homesense 

Candy: Dollarama, Bulk Barn

Asian Dishes: Dollarama

Sushi Dishes/Chopsticks: Stokes

Paper Straws: Dollarama

Paper Lanterns: Party Place

Paper Lanterns/Fans: Michaels

Printables: vixenMade printables

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Monday, December 22, 2014

Glam Christmas Party

This is the second year we were able to host Christmas for my husband's side of the family.  So, of course, I had to have some fun!
Since I'm soo loving the black, white and gold look right now, that was the winner.

Here are the shots of the dessert table.

I've made lollipops before, but this time I added rootbeer flavouring.  It's definitely a favourite in my family!

This was my first time using gum paste.  I didn't have the option of hiring someone to make toppers for my cake pops, so I created some of my own gum paste flowers.  

The glitter letter banner was a DIY project, as was the glitter tipped feather garland.

Candy - Bulk Barn
Printables - vixenMade printables
Glitter utensils - Target
Paper straws - Dollarama and Michael's
Striped candy cups - Homesense

All the baked goods and treats were made by me.

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!!
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