Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Kids Christmas Party

Last month, I was going through all my party supplies and looking through all of my leftover things (it tends to build up over the years, am I right?)
I came across a ton of the reds and greens, so I figured, lets have a Christmas party!  I won't even have to buy much and it can be fun for the kids.  
Of course, my kids are ALWAYS up for a party, so it didn't take any convincing there.

So that is what we did.  I threw a fun little Christmas party for my kids and their friends and cousins.
I designed the invitation with gingerbread cookies, mittens, and christmas trees to tie it all in.  

I made some of the kids favorites, like chocolate covered oreos, chocolate cupcakes and white chocolate pudding.

And I picked up a few things, like the gingerbread marshmallow peeps, the snowball gumballs,  and candy cane balls.

I created some super easy mitten tags for the dessert table, too.

The kids each received a gingerbread cookie for them to decorate.

I included red, white and green royal icing, coloured sprinkles and mini marshmallows to choose from.

I also posted these fun felt board figures for the kids to play with.  

When they finished, we let them dry while we played 'Hungry Snowman'.  They were to feed the snowman snowballs (aka foam balls) by throwing them into the snowmans mouth.  

Then the kids picked out their own crayon colors (that I had prepped) and we made each child their own christmas tree shaped crayon.  
Sorry, I didn't get any shots of that activity.

The kids then got to do some crafting by decorating their own mitten.
We used stickers, jewels, ribbons and pompoms.

And we had some time left for a bit of colouring, too.

The kids had so much fun and I loved watching them enjoy themselves.

Merry Christmas!!

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

DIY Black Candlesticks

I'm loving the bold look of black and gold this season.  And add in the white.  Gorgeous!
I decided I needed some fabulous tall candlesticks to use with my gold taper candles I picked up.  How lovely would that look on my Christmas table, right?
So here's the final product:

And here's how I made them.
I picked up a ton of these short candlesticks at a garage sale awhile back.

And with some super glue, or in my case, household 'goop', I stacked and glued them to make them tall!

I did two different heights for a layered look.  
Once dry, I gave them each a few coats of flat black spray paint.  I like the look of the matte black, but a gloss paint would look great too!

And that's it.  They're so perfect for parties, or just to decorate the home!

If you are hosting a holiday party, the invitations on Shutterfly are pretty fun.

They also have normal Holiday cards too. 
If you want to stick to a budget for decorating around the Holidays (which can be hard), check out thrift stores and garages sales first to get the bulk of the decorative pieces. Every so often you can splurge on a few items that will last. This saves you from spending too much money every time this season comes around again. 
And don’t just decorate the living room or dining room! Check out places like Amazon for affordable Holiday bedding and towels; these are especially great if guests and family come into town for a few weeks. Grab yummy meal ideas from places like The Food Network, or old favourites!

And, of course, they look great with white tapers, too.

Thanks for dropping by!  Have fun with your own DIY's!
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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Vampire Halloween Party

Every year we have a Halloween bash.  It's our excuse to act like kids and dress up in costumes and have fun!  I love it!  And my kids love it, too.

This year we all went as vampires (I don't have a good picture of us, sorry).  So I figured we might as well stick with the theme and do a vampire themed party.
So here's some shots of the dessert table and decor.

It started off with the invitation I designed.  For custom printables and invitations visit my etsy shop.

I stuck with the traditional black, white and hints of red (like every vampire party, am I right.).

We had some of our favorite goodies for everyone.  Including chocolate covered rice krispy treats.

Cream cheese parfaits.  My fave.

The cake was a red velvet with vanilla buttercream.  So good!

My husbands favorite.  Black liquorice.

Yogurt covered pretzels.

Another favorite of mine.  Caramel apples.  

Gummy candy.  Because the kids had to have it!

Some fang sugar cookies and white chocolate cupcakes with raspberry buttercream.

'Bloody' popcorn.  Which was simply buttered popcorn with red dyed butter.  

I made a little drink area as well.  As you can see the drinks aren't set up yet.
But we had a cranberry punch and some adult beverages, like 'Bloody Mary' cocktails, as well.

For all the vampires, we had 'blood bags' to enjoy.  These were filled with a liquid syrup candy.  It was basically for show.

I used a chalkboard sticker sheet and my tag paper punch to create these drink jars with 'tombstones'.

Everyone had a blast!  

Here are some of the sources used in this party:
Paper straws - Pick Your Plum
Blood bags - Dollarama
Candy - Bulk Barn
Printables/Invitation - vixenMade printables
Chalkboard sticker paper - Dollarama
Popcorn boxes and cupcake liners - Homesense
Caramel apple sticks - Michaels

Thanks for stopping in!  Hope your Halloween celebrations were fabulous!

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