Monday, April 11, 2011

Alter a Knit Shirt Tutorial

Today I'm doing an extension of my Shirt Makeovers post.  It's the shirt makeover I did for my daughter.  I decided to make it an overall tutorial of how I made her shirt new again.  It's nothing to unique, but I had a lot of fun personalizing it and using my own creativity.  So I'm giving you this tutorial to spark your own creativity and making something new again!  Here's what I made...
And here's how to make it...
Here is what you need:
One jersey knit shirt (this specific shirt was no longer useful because it's too warm for spring weather and also because it had a large stain on the front)
Sewing Machine (optional)
 The back of my shirt had snaps going up the back, which made things slightly difficult, but not impossible!
 First, I took an existing T-shirt and laid it on top to cut the sleeves short.  I left the sleeves raw (since lovely jersey doesn't fray!) without hemming.  If you want to hem yours, make sure you cut them with the added seam allowance.
 Next, I cut the front neckline.  Again, I another shirt for a little bit of guidance, but mostly just went with what looked good.
 Then, I cut the back.  Remember the snaps?  I had to do a bit of a scoop in the back to get rid of it.  
 Here's how it looks so far.  The stain is VERY noticeable in this picture.
With the cut off sleeves I cut them into 3" strips.

 With the strips, I ruffled them by sewing on the longest stitch and the highest tension.  Lucky for me, I didn't have to pull the bottom strings to ruffle it, it made it ruffled enough.
 I pinned the ruffled strips onto my shirt.  First, around the neckline, then going down the front like so.  Sew it on following the existing sewn lines on the strips.
 The scoop in the back was big enough that when wearing it, the shoulders slid down.  So I used the sleeve ends, which had a fun stitch on it and trimmed them up.
 Pinned them along the back.
 And sewed them on.
 All done.  So easy.
 She loves her new shirt, and I love that it was free!

I hope I've inspired you to have fun and create something easy and simple with a shirt.  Jersey is really flexible to work with because it won't fray and you can make all the edges raw if you want.  Have fun!!
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