Thursday, August 11, 2011

Favorite Kids Craft Round Up

Today, I'm feeling drab.  A bit of a cold on this end.  Stuffy nose.  Headaches.  Yep, an indoor day for myself and the kids.  

So, why not get a collection of my favorite kids crafts I've been wanting to try and share them with you!  I'm sure we'll check off a few of these off the list.  So here ya go!

I loved this thing, just from the picture.  What a cute craft.. and kids love animals.  At least mine do.  Fun, right?  Found this at the Parents website.  They always have such fab ideas.

Got a load of paper towel and toilet paper rolls?  These are so neat-o!  I love the different varieties, too.  These monsters are over at Alisa Burke.

This craft is for a parent/child to share, as they may need help cutting out and assembling all the felt pieces.  But I love the felt pizza found on Wee Folk Art, it's perfect for making their friends a personal 'pizza'.  
This next one is a big favorite of mine.  Kind of like the candy necklace, but with gumballs.  And you can decorate them yourself!!  I love it.. and they're oh so pretty.  Check it out at One Charming Party.
The fabulous Ashley from Make It & Love It made a fun and easy craft the kids will love.  And it's great for summer.  Did I mention, how easy it is?  Ha!  Check it out.

This last one I found on Fun Family Crafts (did I mention that my kids crafts are listed on their site as well?).  I love the site, it's a perfect place to search out fun things to do or make with the kids.  Anyways, the project is from Lindsay & Drew, and it looks like the funnest thing.  I think even I would have a blast with it!?  Am I right?

Hope I've inspired some exciting crafts to do with your kids.  Have fun!!

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Sharla said... Best Blogger Tips

Those are some awesome ideas! I am inspired just from the pictures. Thanks for sharing them.

Vixen said... Best Blogger Tips

@Sharla Thanks, Sharla! I agree. Thanks for stopping by!