Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Keep Calm and...

By now, EVERYONE knows this saying.. Keep Calm and Carry On.  But do any of you know the meaning behind it?

File:Keep Calm and Carry On Poster.svg

I was curious one day and of course, googled it.  

According to Wikipedia:
This saying was put on a poster by the British government during World War II.  This was distributed in 1939.  
Can you believe it?  
In 2000, it was rediscovered and became popular for different products and companies.  Now, it is known for it's decorative purposes and as a fun saying with interchangeable references.
I'm pretty sure I like the saying even more now.  And for kicks, I want to show you some of my fave's out there!!

Keep Calm and Love
xo+Keep Calm and Carry On




Keep Calm and DANCE ON Print 8x10 (REFLECTING POOL featured)

And I'm pretty sure I could keep going!  HA!  
Have a good one.  Or should I say, "Keep Calm and Carry On".. 

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Jodi @ Make Three blog said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the play on the original poster, especially the Batman one and love on a nerd.

Jodi @ Make Three

maica said... Best Blogger Tips

..always keep calm is cool..

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vanity12 said... Best Blogger Tips

everybody should ...

- nina,

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