Friday, August 5, 2011

Nail Polish To Show Off!

I don't paint my nails.

My toes, I add polish and go, no frills.  But my fingernails... Ick!  I'm a nail biter (not proud, I admit it's gross) and my nails are always short, weak and gross.  If you look in some of my tutorial pictures (I have NO idea why I'm inviting you to do so), you'll notice my nails are nonexistent and a nightmare to any manicurist.  

Moving on.  

I have come across a ton of adorable nail polish art through Pinterest lately.  Makes me kinda sorta want nails.  But then I remember I have three children under the age of 4 and I change approximately 10-15 dirty diapers a day (my boys are poopers).  

Hmm.  Wouldn't work for me.  

So I'll admire them from afar and show all of you my favorites!

Lace!  So pretty.. Fashionista Mommy 101 shows a few other lacey nail art designs AND a tutorial.  Check it out!

These ones make me laugh.. cute, yet SCARY!  (chuckle) {source}
Brown Monster Nail Art
Penguin nails?  Yes, please.  They're sooo cute!  {source}

Penguin nails

Another ca-ute nail design.. Hello Kitty!! {source}

And for that mustache fad going around.  These are way too fun!  Makeup Savvy is a great beauty blog to check out!

The newsprint nail.  I've seen this one ALL over blogworld.  Still kinda neat.  {source}

Translation from page: cut squares of newsprint larger than nails. apply a base coat of polish. when nails are completely dry, soak them in alcohol, then press newsprint on nail and slowly pull off. top coat to seal.

There ya go.  Fun nails to ogle over, or perhaps in your case, inspire to create on yourself.  Either way, have fun!!!
Have a rockin' weekend!!  

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Holly Lefevre said... Best Blogger Tips

That is super fun! I happen to adore fingernail polish and these ideas are too cute!

Vixen said... Best Blogger Tips

@Holly Lefevre I agree. Maybe one day I will grow my nails and adorn some of these lovely designs! :)