Monday, September 19, 2011

Organizing State of Mind

I like to be organized.
As you know, with three little ones, it tends to get messy REAL fast.  So if I'm organized, it makes it a teensy bit easier.  AND, if things are unorganized.. my brain gets unorganized.  Right?!

Anyways, as I'm trying to make things easier in my home, I thought I'd share some fabulous tricks and tips for you, too!
Enjoy and be inspired to organize!!

I love this.  Why?  It's made of cereal boxes and scrapbook paper.  Talk about inexpensive!  And I LOVE me a project where I don't have to buy anything!  Check out the tutorial at Katydid & Kid.

This is practically illegal!  Ha!  Use sturdy baskets as shelving!  So cute!  I found this idea at Just Dandy.

Wanna organize that jewelry?  Check out this unique idea by using various pulls and hardware to hang it over at Liz Marie.  So chic!

Here is a great idea to add to your pantry door.  Utilize that space!  Find this tip at Better Homes & Gardens.

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Why not make your own storage baskets?  Make It & Love It has the tutorial.  Now you can get your baskets to match your decor!

I'm seriously in love with this idea!  When your kids (or yourself) want a snack, they can just grab a snack from this handy snack box.  No more unhealthy snacks, AND no more excuses to not have 'time'!  See this tip at Ohdeedoh.


A super idea for ribbon storage!  There's a bunch of neat ideas out there, but seriously, this one is my fave!  It's WAY more practical and takes up so little space!  Chris at Just a Girl made these.


And lastly, a simple and neater looking idea to store all those extra bags!  Find a tin with a lid and your set!  Check it out at Creating a House of Grace.

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Thanks for stopping by!!  Off to do some organizing.

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Jamie said... Best Blogger Tips

GREAT ideas. I especially love the jewelry holder and the snack box! You are making me want to go and organize something!

Bonnie @ House of Grace said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks so much for the feature!!!
The other links are great!
Have a great day! :)