Thursday, October 20, 2011

Girls Boyfriend Cardigan Tutorial

I never can seem to find a black cardigan for my little girl.  And when I do, they have frilly ruffles or sequins or something that makes it looks too dressy.  Not that there is ANYTHING wrong with frills and glitter, but I wanted an everyday cardigan.  Well, I decided to make my own.

I had an old cardigan with a hole in the sleeve that worked perfectly.
To make this cardigan, you need an existing cardigan of yours with a v-neck.
**Just a little heads up:  it's a bit of a long and somewhat confusing tutorial and some of the pictures aren't that  great since a lot of it was done at night.  Otherwise, hope you understand it all.

And an existing cardigan to use as a pattern.

 Turn your cardigan inside out and tuck in the sleeves.

Trace with chalk (or a fabric marker) the outline of the cardigan, be sure you're drawing the armholes correctly.

Avoid drawing on the back part of the cardigan just yet, you'll do it later.

Cut out the shape (carefully so that the fabric doesn't shift while you cut) until you get to the neck hem.  Stop there!

You're going to use the existing hem for your new neckline.  Cut about a 1/4 inch (or more) extra around it so you have seam allowance.

Fold the top portion down and lay your cardigan down again to trace the back of the cardigan.

Cut out that back piece.

Next, you'll need to cut out the arms.  I went for a 3/4 sleeve, just because there was a hole in the sleeve, otherwise I would've made it long sleeved.

Lay the sleeve onto the existing one so that they line up.  Be sure you're lying it onto the folded edge, NOT the seam edge.  (Otherwise you'll have 2 seams on your shirt.)
Then mark as best you can the arm hole opening.

Cut both sleeves out.

Now you can start sewing the pieces together.  Pin the shoulders together (right sides are together).

Sew with a zig zag stitch to allow stretch and avoid fraying.

Now you can pin the neck piece onto the neck.  Pin evenly so that the excess is gathered on the back.  That way you'll have a seam at the back of the neck.

With that excess, you'll be sewing straight across it first (before you sew the neck piece on).

Like this.  Now you can trim off that excess (just not too close, about 1/4 inch from that sewn line.

Now you should be able to pin the whole piece onto your neck.

Here it is sewn on.  I used a regular stitch, then zigzagged after it so it won't fray.

Press the whole neck line with an iron.

Open up the two pieces and lay your sleeves down.  Pin the sleeves on.  Again, right sides in.

And sew on with a zig zag stitch.

Once your sleeves are on, pin the sides all together.  Sew with a regular and zigzag stitch.

You're done.  Check it out and be sure all your raw edges have been zigzagged (or serged).

The best part of saving the hems of your sleeves.  I got this detail!  Cute!

And because I used my old cardigan, it's longer like a 'boyfriend' cardigan.. but for a little person!  I love it!

Makes for a stylish preschooler!

Have fun with yours!  Hope you have a great day!

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Lindsay said... Best Blogger Tips

This is so awesome! What an adorable little cardigan--and little model. :) I love the tutorial! Thanks for sharing!

Erin {Lavender and Lemon Drops} said... Best Blogger Tips

So cute! Great tutorial very detailed and informative :)

Veronica Lee said... Best Blogger Tips

WOW! This is indeed awesome!! How adorable!

Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog!

Have a nice day!

sstone said... Best Blogger Tips

That was a very helpful tutorial. You did a lot of things that I would never have thought of, lol:)

Vixen said... Best Blogger Tips

@Lindsay Thank you! You are too sweet!

Vixen said... Best Blogger Tips

@Erin {Lavender and Lemon Drops} Thanks so much, Erin!

Vixen said... Best Blogger Tips

@Veronica Lee Thank you, Veronica! Thanks for stopping by!

Vixen said... Best Blogger Tips

@sstone Thank you!

Tricia said... Best Blogger Tips

Great job. It looks absolutely adorable on her. I totally understand what it's like to sew/take pictures at night.

I'd love it if you linked up your project to my Top-toberfest link party.

You can feel free to link up any other tops you have as well.

Etcetorize said... Best Blogger Tips

Great project! I'm so glad you share at Etcetorize....I have a not so old sweater that I wanted to cut up into something else but I wasn't sure you've got me imagining something cute for my little niece~

Y B Normal? said... Best Blogger Tips

That seam sticking out at the back of the collar would drive me nuts! (Of course, I cut off labels and care tags because they irritate me too) I would have overlapped the 2 parts and then sewn, to make it flatter. But that's just me.

Vixen said... Best Blogger Tips

@Y B Normal? Wow, a little harsh for someone who's new to sewing like me. Nope, I'm no pro, I just learn as I go and the collar? She hasn't complained once. Sorry, but it's called 'if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all'. BTW, if you could do better, by all means please do. Because the reason I give tutorials is for others to try in their own way (and do things in a better way, too!)

Vixen said... Best Blogger Tips

@Tricia Thanks so much, Tricia! I'm all linked up, thanks for the invite!

Vixen said... Best Blogger Tips

@Etcetorize Yay! have fun with yours! And thank you!