Monday, February 28, 2011

Keepin' the kiddies warm!

Here in the blessed prairies, we get snow.  Blustery, wintery, whiteouts.  Yeah, those.  Even when spring is just around the corner, winter just has to leave its mark with these last cold stretches.  That's us right now.  It makes me long for spring, for puddle-jumping walks outdoors, colorful blooms beginning to grow, and the brave, pale skin of my ankles to bare themselves with flats worn without socks.  Yep, socks without shoes in the winter doesn't exist here.  I like warmth.  Especially on my icy feet.  When it's cold I try to keep the kiddos warm, too, and my 1 year olds need some extra protection on those little legs of theirs.

Well, seeing as I had some OLD ugly long johns (that's another word for thermal underwear) that I never wear anymore, plus it's not exactly flattering to add pudgy layers when wearing my skinny jeans.  You know. So I cut up the long johns to make junior long johns for the boys!  Yay!  I can never find any of these at the stores in their size anyway.  Plus, these were free!  So now they can keep warm with some extra layers, too.

For those of you still enduring the cold weather.. keep warm!  And for the rest of you.. well.. ENJOY your  warmth.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fabric Covered Shoe Tutorial

I picked up these shoes for my 3 year old daughter a few months ago because they were cheap and she needed white shoes.  After only maybe 4-5 times of wearing them, they were looking shabby and soo boring.  So I decided to jazz them up a bit and figured something quick and easy that also provided full coverage of the shoe.  So fabric and hot glue.  That was what worked for me. 
So here is my very first tutorial (please, bear with me) to get things started on my little bloggy-blog!
Here is what you need to recover some ugly shoes that you may own:
A pair of worn out shoes (works best with flats or a simple mary jane style shoe)
Sturdy fabric
Hot Glue Gun
Ribbons, button, embellishments of your choice

This is what the shoes looked like before.  Drab, scuffed, and bland.

With a seam ripper, remove back shoe tabs (or any bows, etc that may be in the way).

Place the shoes on the fabric to measure out enough to cover each shoe.  Use a fabric pen or pencil to draw around shoe.

Cut around marked areas (be sure there is plenty of fabric to completely cover shoe).

Cut a slit from the back of the shoe to near the top of the shoe.

Starting at the top of the shoe, along the edge, add a small line of hot glue.

Continue along the top of shoe and around both sides.

As you make your way to the back of the shoe, remember to pull snugly on the fabric as you glue along the bottom edge.  Once you get the the back, it should look like this.

Glue the one flap straight up along the back seam of the shoe, like so.

Trim any excess, then with the second flap, trim again, but fold the piece over so there is no raw edge when you glue the flap down.  Remember, you are pulling the fabric tight to avoid any bubbles or wrinkles along the shoe.

Now trim the top loose fabric so there’s about ½ to ¾ of an inch all around the top edge.
Make ½ inch cuts all along the edge.

Start gluing down the top edge now.  Do little by little so you a) don’t burn your fingers and b) you can still pull the fabric tightly along the top.

Now you can trim off all the excess fabric along both the top and bottom edge using small scissors or an exacto knife.  Repeat this same process for the other shoe.

Now you can embellish away.  I decided to add ribbon along the bottom edge, inside top edge and on the strap.  I just attached it with hot glue again.

You can add some Fray check to any raw edges that could fray.  Like for mine, along the strap edge.  I also added a fabric flower to each shoe to add to the cuteness factor, since they are for little girls.

Voila!  Adorable shoes for the little girl in your life.  She loved her flowers and wore them up until bed time.  So now we just have to wait until the snow melts and she can wear them outside!

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Hello Blogworld!

Well, I have finally taken the plunge!  I decided to start a blog.  Welcome everyone to my crafting/sewing/sharing/baking/gushing blog about crafts and the joys of it!!  I love crafting and sewing.. although I so wish I had much more time for it!  Even if my bedtime is put back an hour.. its for crafting.  :)  So I hope you all enjoy my blog, I will be doing what I can to post often and of crafty importance.  I hope it gets your juices flowing.
I leave you all with a quote to get you by:

           As you slide down the banister of life, may the splinters never point in the wrong direction.
                                                                                               - Irish Blessing

Thanks for stopping by!!