Monday, May 30, 2011

Winter Shirt to Summer Shirt

Have you ever wanted that winter shirt, that still fits your child, to have more use once the seasons change?  Yeah, me too.  I loved this cute tunic style top I bought from H&M.

I wanted her to wear it more, but with the long sleeves, it's a little warm for summer.  The fabric is light and airy, which made it perfect to change into a summer top.
Here's what I did.  I took an existing T-shirt of hers to judge how short I wanted the sleeves and added a 1/2 inch for seam allowance and cut the sleeves. 
Measured the circumference of my daughter's upper arms and added an inch or so and cut two pieces of elastic to that length.
Serged the edges of the new shirt sleeves.
Folded over the edge to make the hem of the sleeve and pressed it with an iron.  Sew the hem (making sure I had room for the elastic and safety pin to slide through) and insert the elastic.
Sewed up the elastic ends and finished the sleeve hem and I was done.
Turned out better than I thought and she loves her 'new shirt'!
Here's my model!  Yeah, she really works the camera... 

Thanks for stopping in, have a terrific day and Happy Memorial Day to all you American's!  See ya!

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Petal Skirt

I don't usually do a post on weekends, but I saw this and HAD to share!  Are you ready for it?
A Petal skirt made from dollar store petals and a cotton t-shirt.  
I mean, how insanely cute is this!?  I found it at Fave Crafts Blog, where she makes the skirt for herself.  But I think I would downsize it and make it for my little girl or even as a baby gift (an adorable baby petal skirt.. CA-UTE!!)
Skirt 15 National Craft Month: How to Sew a Petal Skirt
Anywho, that's all I gotta say today.  I have to go and scope out some petals at the dollar stores now.  Check ya later!
See you on Monday!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Asymetrical Cardigan Tutorial

Hi, friends.  It's Friday... and I'm happy as a clam.
Today, I'm going to show you how I made an asymmetrical cardigan from a long sleeve shirt.  I've done this before in this post.  But this time, I used a larger sized shirt for a longer cardigan.  I used a shirt from Old Navy that was on clearance for under 2 bucks.. couldn't pass it up.  Here's what I did.

 You'll need:  a long sleeved jersey knit shirt (preferably 1-2 sizes too big for the length), sewing machine and thread, scissors or rotary cutter.
 Take your shirt and cut the front down the middle.  You can measure and make sure you're in the center all the way down or you can eyeball it.
 Make two more cuts along the sides (shown below), just behind the side seams.
 Make about a 4-4.5 inch cut.
 Then you'll cut across the back to the opposite side where you made your other cut.  But add about a 1/2 an inch to make a seam.
 I used my meter stick and a rotary cutter to be sure I was straight across, but you can use scissors too.
 Now fold up that flap and pin to make your hem for the back.
 Sew your hem.
 With the cut piece, you're going to cut one inch strips horizontally.
 Like this.  You'll need three.
 With each piece, you'll wrap the front openings of your cardigan.  Pin in place.  Your piece will only go down two thirds of the way or more, so you can use the third strip to add to it.
 Then cut the end off so it lines up with your bottom hem.
 Do both sides.  Now sew along your openings.  Sew as close as you can to the cut edge of your strip so your strips aren't flapping or rolling to much after it's washed.  Remember, it's jersey knit so it won't fray.
 Iron your edges and you are done.
 Here it is on my mannequin, she's a little under-dressed.
 Front view.
 Side view.  You can see the longer front and shorter back.
 I gave in and modeled it on myself.

 That's all for now.  Thanks for stopping by and have a fun weekend!
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