Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kids Craft: Paper Flower Bouquet daughter is definitely my own in that she loves to do crafts.  She's always asking to do a craft or to color or draw or something of the sort.  So I decided on something that would use up some of the scraps I have sitting around, yet still be fun for her.  She LOVES to go through my craft supplies, so why not let her craft with some of them.  (Okay, reading that sounds wrong.  I have separate craft supplies than her as in she draws on her construction paper, not my scrapbook paper.  Doesn't mean I don't NOT let her use my stuff.  Does that make sense..?  Okay, moving on.)

So we decided to make flowers, which she loves, too.  What do you need for this?  Scraps! 
Scrapbook paper scraps
Cardboard/cardstock scraps
Embellishments (ribbon scraps, buttons, etc)
Wood skewer sticks (you can also use popsicle sticks taped together)
Trace out circles, using a jar or cup, onto cardboard or cardstock.  Cut out as many circles as you want flowers.

 Draw out different types of flowers in different sizes.  If you want templates, you can find some here.  Or just freehand some. 
 Cut them out, or let your child do them.  I cut out half of them and she did the other half because some were smaller.
 Pick 3 different sizes for each flower.  You'll be stacking them, so you want to see each paper flower.
First, glue the biggest flower to your cardboard piece.
 Now glue each one on, stacking them.  I used a circle piece for the centers.

 You can also use different scrapbooking scissors to cut out circles and flowers for a fun edge.
 Do 3 or 4 for a little 'bouquet'.
 Tape your skewer stick to the back of the cardboard circle.
 Now have fun embellishing your flowers.  Or leave them the way they are.  

 If you want to put them in your child's room or somewhere to display, fill a small vase with craft moss so your paper flowers stand up and stick your flowers in where you want.  For different heights, just trim the skewers down with scissors.
Now she has a fun paper flower bouquet that she made to display in her room.  So cute.

 Have fun and have a lovely day!

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Flip Flop Makeover

The other day I came across some flip flops in my craft room.  I had bought them last year in fall on clearance.  Of course I didn't need them in fall and winter, so I sort of forgot about them.  But how fitting that I find them suddenly as this week is turning out to be a scorcher. 
I could have left them the way they were.  You can always use a plain pair of flip flops to run around in.  But... my crafty self decided it needed something.
If you must know.. this is how I made them.
Start off with a plain jane pair of flip flops.
 Now find some snazzy ribbon of your choice.
 You'll also need a pair of scissors and a hot glue gun.  Let's get started.
 Begin at the bottom of the strap and glue the end of the ribbon onto it.
 Continue all the way up the strap to the top.  Cut the ribbon and do the same on the other end of the strap. 
 This is how it'll look.
 Take some scrap felt in whatever colors you choose.  I picked white.
 Find a small jar/container to trace a circle that is about 1 1/2 inches wide and cut it out.
 At the same time, cut out 8 petal like shapes like these.  They're about an inch long.
 With each petal you'll need to glue the smaller end.  Add a tiny dab of hot glue and pinch the end with your fingers so it looks like this.

 Now you can start gluing them onto your circle.  The pinched end towards the middle and go all the way around adding your petals.
 Like this.
 Now cut out 3 small circles that are about an inch or smaller.
 Add a tiny dab of glue to the center and squeeze the center in so it looks all scrunched up.  Do it to all 3.

 Now glue them to the center of the flower you made.
 Glue the flower to the top of your flip flop strap.  Now do it all again to your other sandal. 
 Now put 'em on and enjoy!

 Please don't mind my pasty feet. 
 Super easy and fun to wear!  Have a blast dazzling up your flip flops!

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