Monday, October 31, 2011

The Spooky Halloween Party

Happy Halloween everyone!!!

So, Saturday night was the big event.  The spooky Halloween party.  We tried to make the house look old and abandoned and the look was somewhat like a 'witches lair'.
Sadly, I was rushed (like almost EVERY party) and didn't take any pictures of the decor around the house.  The livingroom had white sheets covering the furniture, and the TV console had black Halloween fabric covering it with candles and Halloween-esque decor, with webs galore!
We played old Halloween movies on the TV (like Dracula, Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein), and put orange string lights around our banisters.
We also sanded down our old black Ikea chairs to make them look old and aged.  We also added blue and red light bulbs in some of the fixtures and lamps.

The kitchen was dark and gloomy, lit by candles and black lights.  And my husband got dry ice to add to our punch bowl and a cauldron we had as a centerpiece.

My hutch had different potions and bottles displayed with more creepy fabrics, candles and webs.
And here are the pictures of the dessert table.  The colors were black, white and green.

What we served:
popcorn, veggies (all green) and dip, green apples with caramel, chocolate truffles, meringue bones, macarons, green velvet cupcakes, caramel apple rice krispy treats and had different candies (black and white candy sticks, skull pops, green apple jellybeans, black licorice, green gummy frogs, and yogurt covered raisins).

And here's us in our costumes.
I was a pink butterfly, the hubby was Vector from Despicable Me (here's a picture if you don't remember the character), and the kiddos were a one-eyed monster, a mouse, and a black cat.

 We had a blast!  Gotta love Halloween!  Enjoy your own festivities.  And come back tomorrow to hear about some more of the details!  Thanks for stopping by!

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Free Printable Friday: Last Minute Halloween!

Are you all ready?  Got your costumes picked out?  Got your candy bought?
Phew.  I am not ready.  Well... not quite.  BUT, the party tomorrow will make it all come together.  And in a wink, it will be over.
But then.. there's Christmas.  Oh, don't get me started.

Let's just admire (and utilize) these lovely freebies, shall we!?

Gotta love Disney!  Some fun printables on their site, like pumpkin templates (if you haven't done yours yet), masks and other fun things.  Check them all out at Disney Family.
A sweet Mickey Mouse Halloween treat box!

Vampire Mickey Candy Box

Or cupcake toppers from the movie, Haunted Mansion!

Haunted Mansion Cupcake Tombstones

And I came across these really cute finger puppet printables from Love the Day at Make and Takes.  The kiddos will love these!

And lastly, some Halloween art printables for you to display from Two Twenty One.  I love all of them (there's 4 to choose from) and the lovely chevron prints!  But this one's definitely my favorite!

Thanks for dropping by!  Have a great weekend!!

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Black Pumpkins

Sorry, everyone.  Not much of a post today.  I've been so busy with my Halloween party preparations that my crafting is focused on that.  
That aside, I wanted to show you my lovely black pumpkins.  Nothing special.  Just painted my pumpkins.  You know how it is, me and my spray can of paint are likethis.

Considering Halloween is just around the corner, and I NEED my pumpkins to look less bright and cheery for the party.  So instead of throwing them out, painting them seemed okay.  I can't imagine anything strange happening to them (since they are real pumpkins) before Halloween is over.  I don't know the rules about painting produce.. I mean, eventually they go bad, right?

Anyways, they got a makeover.

The paint:  flat black.

One coat each side.   They turned out better than I thought!

When they dried, they looked dark and mysterious.  Just like I hoped.

Here's where they sit until the party this weekend.  And this is my little Halloween display (one of many).

See my blackened pumpkin?  She's so pretty.

And the other one..

Thanks for dropping by!  Hope your own Halloween festivities are going fabulously!  Happy Halloween!!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Felt Jack-o-Lantern Activity

Yesterday, my daughter was feeling under the weather.  I decided to make something to cheer her up and an activity she can do while lounging on the couch (since that was her permanent residence).
Plus, she's been so excited for Halloween and decorating pumpkins.
So I created this.

The Felt Jack-o-Lantern!
With a pocket in the back for all your felt pieces!

Using felt (and fleece--due to me running out of orange felt) and my handy hot glue gun.
To make this, you can use black and orange felt with a small piece of green for the stem.

First of all, take your sheet of orange felt and fold it in half widthwise.  And using a marker, draw out a wide circle, or a half pumpkin shape.  Then cut it out.

Also, cut out a stem out of your green felt scraps.

You may use felt or fleece for the back of the pumpkin.  Like I said, I didn't have enough orange felt, so I used orange fleece scraps for the back.  Using your hot glue gun, glue the two pieces together.

Then glue on your stem to the felt side.

Now you can go crazy making shapes and pieces for your faces.  I used triangles, circles, squares, then made mouths, whiskers, etc.  The possibilities are endless!  Plus, the triangles for the eyes can double for a nose and so on.

 Kinda fun!

I made 18 pieces.  But I'm thinking of making more.

Let's move on to the pocket in the back shall we?  So you'll need felt (or fleece) cut in a pocket shape and a rectangle for the top flap.  The pocket size is a little larger than my fist, if that helps.

Then I used adhesive velcro dots on the pocket.

And hot glued my pocket on, don't hot glue it shut!

Then the top flap.

Done.  Fun and functional!

The best part?  The smile she had on her face when I showed it to her!  It's always a little sad seeing them without all their energy.  Get well soon, little girl!

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