Monday, June 4, 2012

Lemonade Stand

How was everyone's weekend?

It was a gorgeous and hot weekend for us.  I loved it!  
And it was the perfect weekend for the garage sale we assisted with on Saturday.  
My daughter was so excited so set up her lemonade stand.  You might remember it from her Pinkalicious party.  My husband built it for her party and it works great for summer time lemonade stands.

She loved selling her lemonade.  We even whipped up some rice krispy squares and cake pops and sold gummy candies, too.

When she got bored (when it slowed down), we got her to give out lemonade and treats to her little brothers.  They helped out a little, too.

We even used some really cute printables I found, including these from One Charming Party.

And a few from Farouche, as well.

She was such a great seller and it was a hit with the garage salers!

Are you planning a lemonade stand for your kids this summer?  

Thanks for dropping by!

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Evelyn said... Best Blogger Tips

Smart! Very Smart having this adorable little girl selling the lemonade. I know the awesome booth helped so very much (it was way too cute) but she could have sold lemonade off a cardboard box she was so precious. What great memories for her and you. Have you checked out the features at Freedom Fridays? I think you will like it:)