Thursday, September 13, 2012

Kids Doctor's Coat Tutorial

My niece was very particular on what she wanted for her birthday this year.
First off, she loves hospitals and doctors.  She's already told her mother she wanted to be a nurse when she grew up.  When she has to visit the doctor or go the hospital for any reason, she's happy about it.  Yep.  That's her.  A very unique and incredible 8 year old girl.

Anyways, her request from me was that I create some play casts (like from my felt doctor's kit) for her and a doctor's lab coat to wear.
Done and done. 

Here's how I did it.
I used a shirt as a template and a white sheet, or use cotton broadcloth.

First trace out your pieces.  Start with your arms.  Line the top of the sleeve with the fold of your fabric.  Trace around the sleeve adding extra (since coats fit much looser than a shirt) and an inch for seam allowance.

To trace the shoulder portion, just flip the top over and trace the line of the shoulder.

When you're done that, pin your fabric layers together and cut along your lines.

Now use the piece to trace and cut another piece for the other arm.

Now you can move onto the body.  Fold the top in half and lay along the fold of your fabric again.

Trace around the neckline (remember the neckline on the back is higher than the front) and arm and extend the length of the body down (try to imagine how long the coat may be on your child).  Again, be sure add extra for looseness--is that a word?--and seam allowance.

Now cut out your piece.  This is how it should look.

Fold it in half again and use it to trace out another piece like it, with the different neckline.  This time, don't trace it on a fold, but add an inch to the folded side of the template.

Like so.

Trace another one just like it.  You should now have two pieces like this.

Now you can start to sew your pieces together.  First pin your shoulders together.  So lay the half pieces over the full pieces like so.

Now sew those edges together.  Then serge or zigzag stitch your edges.

Next, get your arm pieces and line the shoulder's up.

Pin together, right sides facing in.  I found pinning from the middle out works best.

Do this to both sides and sew together, finishing with the serging (or zigzag stitch).

Fold the sides together so it's inside out, start pinning the sides of your coat and down the arms together.

Sew together and serge the edges.

Then serge the openings of your coat and hem.

Move up to the neckline.

Open up the coat and measure the neckline.

Cut a piece of fabric measured to the length and 2 1/2 inches wide.

Double fold and press the short edges and sew the hem.

Do the same with the one side of the entire length.  I didn't have to since my one side was finished already.

Pin the neck piece to your coat with the right sides facing in.

Sew together and serge those edges.

Now you can flip your coat right side out and press your collar down like this.

Lastly, you can create the pockets.  I measured out two pieces that were 6 inches by 4 inches and one small one that was 3 1/2 inches by 4 inches.  I actually had a finished edge already on these pocket pieces.  If you don't, just add 1/2 inch and double fold the one side and press, then hem.

Now fold and press each edge under, except the finished side.

Pin them onto your coat.  The small one at the left side of the chest and the other two at the bottom.  

Sew them on, sewing very close the edges, leaving the top open.

Phew!  You are done!
Step back and admire.  You just made a lab coat!

I hope this little girl will love it!

And if your child needs a Halloween costume, this is perfect for a doctor!  Have fun!

Have a great day!!

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Randi~Dukes and Duchesses said... Best Blogger Tips

Very cute! I love homemade dress-up clothes.

Bodil Brink Morse said... Best Blogger Tips

WOW! Great job, so cute!

Healthy Branscoms said... Best Blogger Tips

Super cute!! I love your blog and became a follower! Erin

A Proverbs 31 Wife said... Best Blogger Tips

Great job, even better job with the how-to :) I am always makig things but forget the in-process photos ;)
Just stopping by from Fancy this Fridays

Sarah said... Best Blogger Tips

Ooh, I will have to consider that for my toddler's halloween costume. I've never sewn anything except rectangles, but you made it look doable. Thanks.
--Sarah @ My Project Bag

Nessa the Procrastinator said... Best Blogger Tips

That's awesome! I was looking for a lab coat pattern everywhere. :) My 9yo niece wants to be a scientist when she grows up. She would DIE if she got a lab coat to wear while using her chemistry set. Found you through Tatertots and Jello's wrap up party. :)

Julie said... Best Blogger Tips

I am inviting you to come and share this in my Show Your Stuff blog hop:

Stacey said... Best Blogger Tips

I love a good dress up project and the doctor's coat is perfect. Not overly time consuming and sure to get use over and over again.

Brittney said... Best Blogger Tips

Seriously just in time for Halloween. This was a great tutorial! Especially because it could actually be converted to several karate dogi, ninja vest, star wars guy thing (hah! shows how much I know), etc. Thank you! This looks so good, and your niece is going to love it.
-Brittney (my new blog on which, on occasion, I post tutorials...none as helpful as yours, probably, but still. We can be tutorial-loving friends anyway, right?)

Katie Drane said... Best Blogger Tips

I love this!!! Thank you for showing how you did it, very helpful for a novice sewer like me:)


Tutus & Tea Parties said... Best Blogger Tips

Wonderful! My daughter loves playing doctor! Thank you for sharing at our Pinteresting Party!

Jill said... Best Blogger Tips

Fabulous doc's coat Vixen! I'm sure your daughter will get a lot of playtime out of it!! Great tute too!

Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
Hope you have a fabulous week!
Jill @ Creating my way to Success

Carrie said... Best Blogger Tips

What a wonderful idea!! She must love it! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

Kathie said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow! You've done such a great job and I know she loved it! She sounds like a very special girl and she has a very special aunt to make her this awesome coat! Thanks for sharing your talent with us at Gettin' Krafty last week! Can't wait to see what you've got this week!

Fenella's blogs said... Best Blogger Tips

I have just made this for my 6 year old daughter's school dress up day tomorrow! Great instructions, really easy to follow and without having to do a complicated collar or lapel! Thanks soooooo much!!

Viviana said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you very much! Very, very easy to follow!!!! Tomorrow will be the Career Day at my daughter school and I just did her doctor's clothes following this!!! Oh I'd like to show it to you!!! :'D

Viviana said... Best Blogger Tips
This comment has been removed by the author.
vixen Made said... Best Blogger Tips

@Viviana That is great!! I'm glad you made one and I'd love to see it! Feel free to email a pic. It's always a honor! Thanks for letting me know.

Shawn said... Best Blogger Tips

Just finished making my daughter a lab coat for her "Doc McStuffins" Halloween costume! It was my first time creating a top, and I am very pleased! :) Just as a heads up- I didn't see anywhere in the directions about hemming the sleeves. I did notice that you cut from the hemmed edge of the sheet, but I used regular fabric and I missed that part. Luckily I was still able to hem the sleeves. (I'm such a novice, that I probably should have known that, but I missed it). Either way, my daughter LOVES it, so THANK YOU!!

Abby Scorsonelli said... Best Blogger Tips

Also made one for a Doc McStuffin dress up costume. Thank you for the great tutorial! I know the birthday girl will LOVE it!

Tampa Bay Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you for this tutorial! My granddaughter is obsessed with Doc McStuffins! I was going to try to convert a bathrobe pattern to make her a lab coat for her birthday, but wasn't sure about changing the hood to a collar. This whole process looks much simpler! :-)