Wednesday, November 14, 2012

20 Adorable Advent Ideas

We don't usually do an Advent calendar for the month of December.  
Well.  Unless you count those chocolate a day calendars the kids do.  Y'know.  The $1 cardboard thing filled with cheap chocolate?  Kids love those.
But I was thinking of actually doing something fun for an Advent calendar this year.  Maybe something involving the family.. whether it's an activity or a treat.

Well, I compiled a list of 20 to help me (and you, too) decide.

1. This one's from Inky Doodles and I love that she used a muffin tin with magnetic squares covering each cup.  Very clever!

2.  For a family with boys who love cars, like mine, this one's perfect.  The idea of a little road with houses would definitely catch their interest.  Check it out at Snug Studio.

3.  I love the whimsy of this felt Christmas light Advent from Elsie Marley.  So sweet!

4. Make a Christmas tree advent from recycled matchboxes like this one from Better Homes & Gardens.

Stacked Advent Calendar

5. For a woodsy feel to your Advent calendar.  DIY this one from The Marion House Book.  

6. Got any leftover Halloween candy?  I know I do.  Use it up with this Advent calendar from Alphamom.


7. I love the idea of using clothespins, like this one, especially with brown paper packages tied up with red bakers twine.  Pretty!


8. And here's another, from Visual Heart.  Love that red & white!

9. Another idea I just love is this one from Inchmark.  Each day has an ornament to hang on the buttons of the tree.  CUTE!!

10. This stocking Advent is adorable and the kids can help make it.  Find it at Canadian Living.

11. This one from Pink Pistachio is so fun!  Create a Advent garland with family ideas and activities written on each one.  

12. These magnetic tins are perfect for an Advent calendar.  Get the printables and how to at Makoodle.

13. I am also loving these little burlap sacs filled with goodies, from Funkytime.  Just lovely.  

DIY Advent Calendar

14. Get out your extra Christmas decorations and create this fun Advent calendar by Life As A Thrifter.

15.  And I adore the creativity of these Advent trees found at Pink Suede Shoes.  I love how it's like a little forest of paper trees.

advent calendar tutorial

16. Another sweet idea from Design Sponge, are these paper falling stars.  Adorable.  And I bet my little ones would love to tear open those packages!

17. And these felt little packages from Allsorts are so adorable.


18. This Pottery Barn knock off from Under the Table and Dreaming is gorgeous.  I love all the beautiful ornaments!

19. This Advent calendar from Lil Blue Boo is incredibly sweet.  Each package holds a little gift.

Advent Calendar

20. And if you don't want anything hanging, use this idea from Just A Girl, with matchboxes inside an apothecary jar!  

advent calendar jar

Hope these ideas have helped you this year!  Have a terrific day!

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Tara @ Tales of a Trophy Wife said... Best Blogger Tips

Super fun round-up. I always buy my kids the chocolate ones. In theory they have to have all their jobs done before they get to eat their daily chocolate.