Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Instant Glitter Headband

I love all that glitter out there for the holiday season!  And what I love even more is the glitter headbands.  Such a glam accessory for your Christmas ensemble!
I just had to make my own.  

Problem?  No glitter ribbon on hand.  Solution?  Glitter tape!
I used an existing gold headband (I believe I found it at the dollar store and it had a tacky bow attached which was easily removed) and I had gold glitter tape.

I simply rolled my glitter tape onto the the length of the headband.

Easy peasy!

And if you do have glitter ribbon.. just hot glue it along the length, like I did!

And oh so cute!

So perfect for my little girl's Christmas outfits.. or just for fun!

Thanks for dropping by!!

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