Friday, March 30, 2012

Free Printable Friday: Easter; With Meaning

Well, it's Friday again.  Time for some free printables!
I planned on doing an Easter theme today.  You know, bunnies and eggs and chicks.
But after I hung a lovely Easter printable art in my kitchen this week, I figured why not do an Easter printable theme with the real meaning of Easter!  

Here's the printable I have displayed.

Isn't it pretty?  I found the printable at Capital B.  Check out all the different colors!

Here's more lovely, inspiring and meaningful Easter freebies!

I love this cross shaped word art with a Bible verse.  Beautiful and festive!  Find it at Gail's Little Crafty Corner of God's Glorious World.

Here's a simple, yet fun printable (in 3 different colors, too!) found at Tattered and Inked.  Love that chevron!

Speaking of color, this printable comes in 16 different shades!!  Wow!  I'm sure you'll find one to fit your color scheme.  Check it out at Today's Fabulous Finds.

If you like subway art, this printable is so modern and interesting!!  I love the fonts!  This one is made by Antsi-Pants featured on Craftaholics Anonymous.

And another one from A Night Owl.

And a lovely one from Bitsy Creations.

And last, but not least, an egg shaped word art by A Little Tipsy.


Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ikea Bookshelf Makeover

I'm in the midst of changing my boys room decor.  
I'm a little bored of the blue & brown combo I had going on.  Plus the look was more for when they were babies.
 It was meant for cribs and change tables and rocking chairs.  All baby.

But my boys are 2 now.  They're in their toddler beds and since plans have changed to separate them into two rooms, they'll be bunking together for a few more years.
So they needed an update.  They needed color!

And it starts with a bookshelf.  One to hold toys and books and boy stuff.

Here's what I had on hand:

A cheap Ikea bookshelf.

The flimsy plastic backing was torn off.. making the shelves start to come apart.

After a few coats of melamine white paint...

And some new sturdy backing.. painted bright orange!

We were set!  A brand new bookshelf for the boys room.
With color!

I love it!! I have been wanting a two tone bookshelf for soo long.
Here's the final look:

Stay tuned for more bedroom updates.  Be sure to check back next week.

Have a thrilling Thursday!!

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

White Hobnail Votives

I haven't put my can of spray paint down, apparently.  
And it doesn't end here.. just a heads up.
But anyways, I've been delaying and stalling on this project for quite some time.. but I did it.
I painted my hobnail votives.
Do you remember them from this post?
I loved them the way they were, really I did.  But they weren't eye catching and I had NOWHERE to put them!

The clear glass was lovely.  But they craved some white 'milkglass'.. don't you agree??!

Maybe I ruined something vintage (please don't hate me!).. but I LOVE the way they look now.

They really do look like a real hobnail milk glass votive to me.
It's true, they're not milky and smooth looking like the real thing..

But it's close enough!

So what do you think?

Thanks for stopping by!

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spice Rack To Paint Organizer

First off, I have a bit of an announcement.
I'm kind of excited about it.  
Check out that web browser up top... yep.. I'm a dot com!
No more blogspot in my name, folks.  Just a little less typing you need to do to come visit yours truly!!

It's just me all grown up... Ha!

Let's move on, shall we!?

This weekend, as I was doing some tidying up in my kitchen, I realized I was sick of seeing this on my counter.  It takes up space, is a bit of a grease collector and it's just ugly.
Plus, I organized a drawer for my spices (which is WAY more useful!).

I wasn't sure I wanted to throw it out.  Once I emptied out the spices, it seemed I could use it elsewhere.  So it made the trek downstairs to.. where else.. my craft room!

The holes were a perfect fit for my acrylic paints and fabric paints!  
After a good cleaning (grease.. remember?), a coat of primer and then a coat of grape purple (LOVE it!), it was my new paint organizer.

Isn't it fun!?  Nothing like a paint organizer that spins.  She's perfect.

And isn't the color fabulous?!  Probably my new favorite spray can!!

I just love making something new and resourceful again.
Thanks for stopping by!

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Fabric Scrap Easter Eggs

Easter is two weeks away.  Say what?
Easter is always sneaking up on me.. every year!  This time it seems more so.
So I've been busy putting up final touches in the Easter decor.  
And since I can never find anything at the stores in the colors I want, I've been making a lot of the decorations myself.  
Today I'm sharing with you how I made my fabric scrap Easter eggs.

Here's what you need:  cheap plastic eggs 
fabric scraps (I used leftover fabric from my daughter's headboard)
hot glue gun

Cut your fabric width to be long enough to wrap around the egg lengthwise.  

Cut 1/2 notches in your fabric.

Tear your fabric apart at each notch.  This will give the fabric a frayed, shabby look.

Starting at the bottom of your egg, add a dab of hot glue.

Stick an end of your fabric strip onto the glue and wrap and glue around your egg.

Keep adding your fabric strips until the egg is covered.

Like so.  Now make more!

Aren't they fun?  And SO easy!!

I placed them in a jar with burlap as the 'nest'.

So springlike.  Like robin eggs in a nest.

Enjoy an easy afternoon craft that makes your home a little more festive!!
Have a marvelous Monday!

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