Thursday, May 31, 2012

DIY Fluted Cake Plate

Apparently, I don't have enough cake plates.
Well, besides my love for party planning and creating new hardware for them out of inexpensive items, who doesn't want a new $2 cake plate?  (Or less if you have these things on hand already!)

And to make things more interesting, I created a new 'fluted' cake plate.  Wanna know how?

All you need is a candlestick and a tart pan.

That's right.  Dollar store stuff!

Get yourself some heavy duty glue.  I love the Amazing Goop stuff.  They have a special 'craft' glue too.  Great stuff!

Add it to your candlestick.

And stick it onto your tart pan (with the lip facing down when the cake plate is up).

I added some weight just to be sure, but it'll work either way.

Give it a day and you've got a new cake plate.

Of course, it's not so pretty quite yet.

Prime it up and spray paint it a few coats of your favorite color.  I used white.  White goes with everything!

Never would have guessed it was once a tart pan, right!?

I love the result.  And it looks great on my red hutch!

Now go make yourself one.

Thanks for stopping by!!

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

65+ Garage Sale Tips

This year, my plan is to peruse many a garage/yard sale.  
There's plenty of things on my list I need to fill my home.. and of course, I'm on a tight budget.  
Well, what better time to be shopping for used items (in need of a fabulous makeover) than during garage sale season!
So to get my butt in gear, and to help you out as well, I've got a collection of tips, tricks and ideas to remember when doing your browsing!

Some awesome tips on how to prepare where you're planning on going and why PLUS a great 'Garage Sale Kit' to put together for your trip!  Find it all at Tipnut!

Picture Of Garage Sale -

20 Tips on how to look for them and how to present the right attitude about your shopping.  Find it all here.

For 10 savvy tips, check out Pennies and Blessings.

garage sale tips

Some awesome tips to score the best deals when garage sale shopping, find them here.


At Addicted 2 Decorating, she gives you some great pointers on what to look for when buying other people's junk.

And lastly, grab some tips here on how to make your shopping day a success!  

Yard Sale Success

Happy shopping my friends!!

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Craft Shelf Makeover

Remember when I showed you some fun thrift store finds.. oh back in September?  And I told you I'd be giving this guy a little makeover.  
Yeah, it took this long to finally do it.  Doesn't really help my 'craft room' that was getting drywalled in January is still getting drywalled.  Things just are not moving.  We just have WAY too many outdoor things we gotta get done (including a veggie garden, sandbox, chalkboard wall, shed and of course, more flowers).  So the craft room is on hold.  Oh well.

Well, I did finally accomplish what I hoped for with this guy though.
He couldn't wait for the craft room.  
Might I add.. I still HAVE a craft room.  It's just not the half finished/under construction room that I told you about.  In fact, this room is still unfinished... and cold.  So it's not as pretty as I'd like it.

Anyways.  Here's how I made this thing new again.


Painted a lilac color.
Already it's lovely, right!?

I got together my scrapbook paper and mod podge and went to work.

I measured my shelves and cut the paper accordingly.

Mod podged.

Then papered.  

Then sealed on a coat of mod podge.

Once it was dry, I sprayed a coat of clear finish over the whole thing.

And it's funky and fun and perfect for my craft room.

Just gotta figure out what's going in it.  Either way, it is made over!  What do you think!?

I'll add the pics of how it's being used once I know myself.
Thanks for stopping by!

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Crocheted Mary Jane Slippers

My husband was in the mood to crochet again.
I seem to always benefit from it, too.  Aren't I lucky!?

This time:  slippers.  
It seems odd to make slippers in the summertime, but since I'm almost always in barefeet anyway, some light slippers are kind of nice.
And these are pretty fun, no!?

I chose the blue and brown, but he chose the pattern.  I love it!!

He found the free pattern at Good Knits.  

Didn't he do wonderfully!?  

Hope you all are having a great long weekend!  (Of course, in Canada we got a long weekend last week!)

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Free Printable Friday: Summer Subway Art

For some of you, kids are out of school already.  
My daughter's done this week (but that's preschool) and the other's are done in June.
But I think it's close enough to summer we can celebrate with some fun summertime subway art.

Here's what I've found for you all!

Here's a variety of colors to choose from.  Find the printable at Simple Crafter.

I just love all the fun colors and fonts in this printable.  Check it out at Laura Winslow Photography.

Pinned Image

This one reminds me of pink lemonade!  A perfect summertime treat.  Find it here.

Another fabulous subway art by Eighteen 25.

Enjoy this great freebie from Thirty Handmade Days in two different finishes.

The bright colors in this one scream summertime!  Love it!  Find this one at Lettering Delights.

And lastly, this fun and whimsical print from Two Yellow Birds Decor.  They come in a variety of colors, too!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

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