Monday, July 30, 2012

Outdoor Furniture Facelift

I've been so busy with my summer projects lately.  Everything from the garden and the shed, to the kids sandbox and chalkboard and I just finished the new cushion covers on our outdoor furniture.
And what a relief it is.

The fact that there was 7 cushions that I had to sew new covers for made it a bit overwhelming.  And I put it off WAY too long.  I mean, it's almost August, summer will be over soon.  But with my daughter's upcoming  birthday party (hence we will need extra seating outdoors), it was the push I needed to get them done.
Here's the old cushions:

As you can see in the picture, this was prior to the shed (beside the deck) and our deck was a little cluttered, as you can see.

Can you tell how icky and faded the material is?  It used to be a red/brown shade, now turned to a salmon pink color.  Ew.

Not to mention, we had them around our fire pit a few years back, so we had a few burn holes in the fabric as well.

You can see the faded color here a bit better.

Phew.  Now that we've endured the horrid before pics... let's enjoy the new covers.

So. Much. Better.

I was really hoping I'd find some inexpensive cushion at a store.. but no luck.
Actually, I saved a ton of money making them.  The fabric was on clearance from last year's stock, but one meter, get two free!  So altogether I think it cost me around 30 dollars for all the fabric!

The tin wall there is the back of the shed (it surrounds the entire bottom of the top deck).  Yep.  It needs some outdoor art for sure!

The best part is how neutral it is, perfect for any color outdoor accent cushions I choose.  Those are still to come..

Tonight I think my husband and I will enjoy a drink on our new cushions (and celebrate our anniversary.. 7 years today!!).
Have a terrific day!

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Free Printable Friday: Olympics

As you may have noticed, my blog posts have become a bit erratic.  No worries, my friends.  I've been keeping busy with the kids (playing outside, summertime fun, y'know) and, of course, planning my daughter's upcoming birthday party.  Since summertime is always a bit of a spontaneous and free time for anyone, I've decided to go about my blogging in the same manner.  At least, until school starts up and I get a little more structure in my day.  
I'm sure you're all enjoying your summer and all the hot weather activities yourselves!  

Back to our free printable day.  
The Olympics have begun as of today!  Who's excited??  
I am excited.  But we don't have cable, so we're not really into it so much this year.  We'll probably just check all the updates and maybe watch a bit online.  But other than that, nothing too crazy.

But for anyone out there who love to go a little crazy (or just have a little fun) for the Olympics and their pride in their country's athletes, let's all celebrate with some fabulous FREE printables!!

Here are some very cool party circles, candy wrappers, bottle labels and tent labels from Fantasy Jr. that are perfect for any Olympic party.

Olympics Party Printable Cupcake ToppersOlympics Party Water Bottle Wrappers

Darling Doodles has some cute party circles and printable medals for your own special party.  

Or to support all of the athletes.  Print off some cupcake toppers for numerous countries.  Find them at Hoosier Homemade.

If you want to get the kids involved in their own 'Olympics', find some awesome printables at Tinyme for awards, games and more.


Another fabulous party printable is from Mirabelle Creations.  I love the stripes!!  And these would be perfect for an all adult get together, too.

For a little creativity with the kids, have them color in some Olympic book marks found at Activity Village.  Perfect for their summer reading!

Olympic bookmarks

Hope you're all having a terrific summer and enjoy rooting for your own country at this year's Olympics!

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cupcake Liner Storage

As you may have noticed, there are a ton of cupcake liner storage ideas out there.  Mostly in jars and pretty canisters.  Well, since I love to organize on a budget, I found something else at the local dollar store that worked better!!

It started with these.. too many of these..

Anyone else have a weakness for pretty cupcake liners?  I try to keep strong.. really, this could be so much worse.

Anyways, this is what I found.

Just a cereal keeper container.  Nothing fancy.  (I actually bought a few more for my cereal, too).

I piled them in, big ones than the little ones.

And there was even room for more..  maybe not a good thing.

I can still see them all, too.

The best part?  Slim storage.  It makes things much more tidy and compact.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

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Monday, July 23, 2012

$5 Dresser Redo

Last month, our bedroom dresser fell apart.  You know those cheap drawers that the bottoms fall out of all the time?  Yeah.  One of those.  
I was happy to have it go since I've been wanting some new bedroom furniture anyways.
I went on my hunt.  It took a long time to find exactly what I wanted.  And, of course, within budget.  I was determined I'd find something under 40 dollars.  It took too long, I was getting pretty tired of having my t-shirts in a laundry basket.
Then I found it.  A used dresser for $20.  It was solid, and sturdy, and had character!  I was excited!!
My hubby came home with it and said the most beautiful thing:  "it was only 5 dollars."
WHAT?!  Apparently, the owners were moving it when he was on his way and they broke the mirror that came with it.  Goodness, I didn't even want the mirror!!  It was my lucky day!

Anyways, so my five dollar dresser became this:

Here is the before:

I couldn't handle the pear and grape etching, so we filled it with wood filler.

I kept the existing hardware and just painted with a color I had on hand.

After my hubby sanded the whole thing down, he primed the entire thing.

Then painted it 'English Apple'.

I really love it!  The color is bright and bold and it has tons of drawers for storage.

Here are the painted hardware.  I went with a metal color since our room has a lot of metal accents.

And the space where our 'fruit basket' was will never be missed!

SO worth the 5 dollars (plus paint, of course).

Have a fantastic week!

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