Friday, September 28, 2012

Simple Striped Skirt

Happy Friday, everyone!!
I'm doing things a little different today, instead of printables you're getting a tutorial!  
Yay, right!?  Ha!
It seems there's quite a few Halloween printables being shared around blogland.  Which is great, don't get me wrong!  But we'll just do it again next week.  Cool?  

I decided to create a super simple and quick skirt for my daughter.  Since the fabric is thick jersey, it makes it feel a little more appropriate for fall.  

Since I've picked up this adorable fabric I bought at the thrift store, I'd been itching to create something fun with it!  And since there's a lot of it, after making the skirt, I still have so much left to make more lovelies out of it.

Here's what I did.
Measure your subjects waist (my daughter's was 20 inches).
Fold the fabric in half the width of your measurement. 

Measure out the length you want (I used her existing skirts as an idea).  Then cut your piece out.  You should have a long rectangle shape.

Fold it with the right sides facing in and pin the two short ends together.

Now sew it together.  You now have a large tube like piece.

Fold over the edge for your elastic waistband, mine was about an inch.  Pin and press with an iron.

Sew your waistband hem, leaving a gap to string in your elastic.

Cut a piece of thin elastic (1/2 inch wide is what I used) at the length you measured as your waist.

Using a safety pin, thread your elastic through the waistband and pin and sew the elastic together.

Then you can sew your waistband together.

And you're done!  No need to finish off your skirt hem since it's a jersey knit.  

Put it on and chill out.

That's what she did.

I'm loving the colorful stripes more than her, I'm sure!

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a marvelous weekend!!

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

DIY Lace Projects

Lace has been around forever.  It's feminine, delicate, sweet and oh so girly.  
And I'm loving the shabby chic themes going around, whether it's a party or a bedroom, with the addition of pretty lace.  
So here's some great eye candy for you to enjoy and to DIY!

I saw these lace crowns months ago and I fell in love.  At Girl. Inspired. she shows you how to make some of your own and aren't they just gorgeous!?

Add some interest by using the lace as a pattern to paint over.  It adds such a special touch.  I've seen this done on home decor items, too, and it's just so beautiful.  Find the how to at Momster.


Whip up a lovely vintage bracelet with some leftover lace from I Heart Naptime with a tutorial at UCreate.  Ain't it so pretty?

Whether you want to decorate with some pretty lace flowers, or you create an amazing bouquet like this one, I just love the look of the lace!  Check out the tutorial at Kio Kreations.

Add some pretty lace to an accessory like this gorgeous infinity scarf.  Urban Threads shows you how to make your own!

For a simple, yet lovely decor trick, add some lace trim to a glass votive for a romantic feel.  Find this at Family Chic.

With all the glorious washi tapes out there, make up some lace tape to add to anything.  So easy and super cute!  Free Pretty Things For You shows you how she made hers.


To decorate for a wedding, Valentine's day or just for simple prettiness, create a lace heart garland.  I love this!  Check it out at Michele Made Me.

Thank you, Martha, for yet another lovely project.  There's actually a ton of lace project ideas, but I like how easy this one is for the gift giving season.

And also the sweet look of lace on wall art, cushions and your favorite mug.  Simply fabulous.  Find this idea here.

We used our paint and Cathedral Lace stencil set to create all of these projects: the wall art, pillows, and mugs.

Hope you have a great day!!  

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Boys New Bedding

I have finally added to my boys room decor.  I don't know what the hold up is, but it seems their room never gets finished.  So let's think back to what the last few projects were, shall we?

Let's see, there was the spray painted side table, and the alphabet art print, and the Ikea bookshelf.
Remember the lime, blue, brown and orange?

Anyways, so the boys share their room and since it's not a large room and they still sleep in toddler beds, I kinda have to work around it.  I actually bought bedding for their own twin size beds with their own rooms with their own theme already (actually back when they were still in cribs...).  But since that's not happening anytime soon, I made some new bedding to go with their current shared bedroom.

As you can see, a few changes have been made.  I hung some green curtains (previous color was a chocolate brown, and it really darkened the room.. not in a good way), and added some bookshelves above their beds.

And since they have new bedding, they love to hang out on their 'new' beds.

I used a lime cotton material for the majority of the bedding, but also added strips of striped fabric that I fell in love with.  It ties in the orange, green and blue in the room, too.

It's nice to have a better flow in their bedroom with the matching comforters and shams.  And I might just have to get busy with some accent pillows.   

Here's what I did.  I bought really inexpensive crib comforters at Ikea (they were I think 10 or 15 dollars each), then I sewed a cover for them.  I used the lime green cotton and some striped fabric.  

For the back, I went with a green fleece.  My boys are so used to sleeping without a top sheet and just a fleece blanket, I wanted them to feel comfortable.

The enclosure is just simple velcro strips.  Keeps it together and works great!  

Thanks for stopping by!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

10 Clever Party Ideas

As you all know, I love to throw a party.
And since I have a whole pinterest board dedicated to wonderful party ideas, I wanted to show you a few of my favorites!
Plus, they might help you throw your next party on the cheap!
Check it out.

Create colored sugar for decorating cookies, rimming glasses or for just plain fun.  Find the tutorial at The Go Green Blog.  I actually created some for my daughter's Barbie party years ago and added flavoring oil, it worked out great!!

Martha always gives us great ideas, this one is awesome!  I love the idea of using what you have to create a fun pattern on your cookies.


I came across this one just the other day on Yummy Mummy Kitchen.  She used an existing baseball pinata and altered it to create a completely chic and girly rosebud pinata!!  LOVE that.

Add some interest to your vanilla cupcakes with a few drops of food coloring!!  I don't have the original link, but here it is on my Pinterest board.

Pinned Image

DIY some fabulous favor bags from Style Me Pretty.  So easy and you can even use your own favorite paper patterns!

Want to add some pretty ruffled flowers to your cake?  Try making your own likethese, from Wedding Chicks, out of fruit roll ups.  So very clever!

Don't have any of those beautiful cake stands for your party?  Make a ruffled cake stand from craft supplies!  Find the how to at Cake Journal.

How to make a ruffled streamer cake stand

Out of ideas for a backdrop?  Get some foil baking cups to create these scales (great for a mermaid or under the sea party) for a real pop!  Check it out at Chickabug.

I love serving up ice cream at parties, but who has time to scoop at the party?  Why not freeze it in a pan and cut out shapes to serve them up.  Such a sweet idea!  Here it is on my pinterest board, but originally pinned here.

Pinned Image

And lastly, this idea is so simple, yet perfect for an outdoor party or bbq when you don't want bugs in your salad or food!  Found at 4 Men 1 Lady.

Hope these help you out!  
Have a terrific Tuesday!

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