Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Outdoor Halloween Display

Since I promised you all I would post this, here we go.
My husband has been putting together an outdoor Halloween display for 3 years now.  It's kind of become our thing.  The kids are starting to know about 'the place with the Halloween yard'.  
The past two years he made a Halloween tunnel by building a wall covered in tarps along our walkway and placing all sorts of creepiness inside with gloomy lights and fog.  
This year he really wanted to create a giant spider and web.  We settled with a sort of graveyard look with a giant spider web covering it all.  
Anyways, here's the pictures I took.  Some during the day, some in the evening.

He put the the fence together with small pieces of 1x2 and brad nails.  Then sprayed (messily, to create the dirty/blotchy look) it with black and brown spray paint

The web was made with 1/4 inch white rope and zip-ties.  Then he attached limbs, animals and bones in the web.  They were wrapped with some of the webbing (you know, that stringy stuff you buy to create your own webs), but then we got a load of snow that sort of washed it all away).

A few of the headstones.

The fence of reaching hands.  

The warning sign.

He placed a wheelbarrow with skeletons and bones inside along with dirt (and a few red string lights) in the graveyard as well.

His moving coffin.  It had a sensor on it so when you passed by, the lid would lift up and down as if someone were trying to get out.  He even attached the fake arms sticking out to make it look more realistic.  Kinda neat.  The kids loved it though.

Ah.  The ginormous spider.  This guy lowered and raised 2 feet on a string (rope).

My husband made him out of paper mache and PVC tubing and insulator.

And here's a few shots at night for spookier effect.

And for a lasting effect (HA!), here's a little video for you all.

Hope you all had a super and safe Halloween!!
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Monday, October 29, 2012

Polkadot & Chevron Halloween Party

So here's what went down at our house this past weekend.
A Halloween bash!

Who doesn't love to visit with friends and family, dressing up in wild costumes and playing some games?
Well that's what we did.  Though I didn't get many shots of the games or visiting (it was an evening party therefore bad quality photos.. HA!)

But before the sun went down, I did manage to take some pictures of the dessert table that were decent.

Yummo!  Mini pumpkin cheesecakes.  These were definitely a favorite.

I created a super simple garland with paper circles, pom garland and ricrac ribbon

Candy apples?  I didn't create real candy apples but went the easy route and dipped my apples in black candy melts!  

As you can see, I'm not cookie decorator, but I made some simple chevron sugar cookie sticks.

Another big favorite:  Chocolate dipped pretzels.

And rice krispie pops decorated like jack-o-lanterns.

I found these printable boxes from Whimsical Printables that worked great for holding lollipops.

Sour candy sticks striped with orange and white.

Orange popcorn.  

Chocolate chip pumpkin loaf.  So tasty!

These little jack-o-lanterns held candy corn.

I made the labels to match the invitations.

And I decorated the table with some printables from Two Twenty One that went great with the chevron.

The kids played a game of 'Spider Toss' and everyone participated in a quick game of Halloween Bingo printed from Paper Coterie.

And the invites were a version of my printable Halloween party invite.

How was your weekend?  Anyone else throw a Halloween party?

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Guest Post: Empress of Drac

DIY: Halloween Witch Necklace from Bottle Caps

Making your own Halloween costume is a fun and exciting way to celebrate the holiday. Homemade costumes often look better than the generic costumes that are sold in shops. They have a personal touch and a flair that is lacking in costumes that are sold in Halloween stores. You will also have the reassurance of knowing that no one else at the party will be wearing the same costume that you are wearing. For these reasons, we highly recommend creating your own Halloween ensemble rather than purchasing one.

One of the most important aspects of any masquerade costume is the accessories. Many people choose to purchase these items, but these too, can be made from scratch. If you plan on dressing like a witch this Halloween, we have the perfect idea for a witch necklace. This little beauty is made from bottle caps and will be certain to draw attention and start conversations. The necklace is simple to construct and can be made in a wide variety of ways to express your own originality. This necklace is also suitable to be worn with other costumes, so you will want to keep it for the coming years.

The first step to constructing your own bottle cap necklace is to acquire a bunch of bottle caps. The best types of caps are found on beer and soda bottles. Many beer bottles will print on their caps, so you can search for some of the more exotic looking caps. There are even caps with witch themes already on the bottle. In addition, many beer companies will print special caps for this time of year, so be on the lookout for these. Once you have acquired your caps, you have some choices to make. You can leave the caps as they are, or you can pound them flat, so that the little ridges on the cap open like a flower. If you plan on pounding them flat, be certain to wear some protective eye covering so you can protect your sight.

You simply lay the cap down on a hard surface and then smack it with a hammer until the cap is completely flat. Once this is done, the cap will be unrecognizable as a cap and will simply appear as a metal disc. You can then color the caps if you like, or you can leave them in their original form. If you plan on coloring them, use dark colors such as purple and black. You may want to add a splash of pink, if that color is included in your outfit. The caps can be sprayed with spray paint or painted with acrylics. You can also splash red paint on the colored caps, so that they appear as if they are covered in blood. Another great idea is to glue tiny pictures into the caps. This can be done with a clear acrylic. Pictures can be clipped from magazines or any other sources that you may have around.

Once you have colored and decorated your caps, you need to drive a hole in each one. This can be done with a hammer and a nail. Place the nail in the center or on the top of the cap and strike firmly with the hammer. After each has a hole, you can then string the caps with the material of your choice. Your necklace is certain to add to your outfit and become quite the conversation piece at the party. 

Written by Empress of Drac

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Glitter Tealight Holders

I'm getting into Christmas early this year.
I mean, I might as well, considering it's snowed for 2 days here already.  And not the wimpy snow that melts once it hits the ground.  The big, fluffy white stuff that coats everything.  
Don't get me wrong, it beautiful, it sets the tone for Christmas.. but that's the thing.  Halloween hasn't even passed us by yet.  I'd prefer to wait until the kids have done the trick or treating and I'm putting away all the spooky decor.
That aside, I still can't wait for the Christmas season.  I love the sparkly lights and the beautiful trees.

So I was cruising through one of my favorite blogs, Ruffles & Stuff, and noticed she was fancying up some pumpkins (among other things) with glitter.  She also glittered her tea light holder.  Which got me really excited.  Does anyone else have a butt load of those tacky glass tealight holders?  
I remember being a teen and stocking up on those at the dollar store to add the candle ambiance to our bedroom.  
Apparently, I still had them lying around collecting dust in the basement boxes.
At last.  They have a purpose!

So I got busy.  And created these.

Makes me wonder why I never thought of it sooner!
Here's how to do it.  
Get your mod podge out, some glitter (I decided to stick with simple silver to go with ALL my Christmas decor), your tealight holders, a brush and plastic container to contain some of the mess.  Oh also some clear coat for the end.

First off, brush the mod podge over the bottom portion of the tealight holder.  

Sprinkle on the glitter (hold it over the plastic container) and coat heavy for a dazzling look!  Then tap a few times to get rid of the excess.

Set aside to dry with the glittered side up.  If you are doing a bunch like me, continue on with the rest. 

This is why the plastic container is great.  After doing a few, you'll have a ton of glitter at the bottom of your container.  Simply shake to the bottom corner and pour it back into your glitter bottle.

Once dry, which takes about 20-30 minutes. You can do the tops.

Coat the top to where it meets tea light and to where you added glitter to the bottom.

Add your glitter.  Tap off excess.

And set to dry.

Once they're all dry, you can spray your candle holders with a clear coat.  I stuffed the candle hole with newspaper.

Then sprayed them with my clear coat finish.

I gave them all about 2 coats of clear coat since glitter likes to sprinkle everywhere.
And look how sparkling they look with a candle.

I know it looks a little off with the pink and red tea lights but that's all I had on hand.

And if the kids are near, be sure to pop in your battery powered tea lights (love those!).

Everything is always better with some glitter, don't you think??

I can't wait to set these out with my Christmas decor!

Thanks for stopping by!

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