Friday, November 30, 2012

Demi Lovato Party Feature

Hey everyone!  I'm thrilled to show off a great party feature today!  
My sis, from Candy & Cake, has done an awesome party again.  Her daughter turned 8 last month and she is crazy for Demi Lovato.  Who wouldn't?  She's such a fabulous singer/songwriter!

Anyways, here it is!

The dessert table was set on a sleek black desk and showcased an awesome graffiti backdrop.
The colors were pink, red and black, which made for a dramatic and fun color palette.

Awesomely done raspberry macarons made by my sister as well.  

As well is, her specialty, a fantastic cake!

Love this detail!

She also created some sweet Demi Lovato printed sugar cookies.  

And how creative are these chocolate pretzel microphones?!

The table setting for the little ladies was also spectacular.

They even received their very own 'backstage pass' where they got to do some performing themselves!

I think this was their favorite part!

Another great party!!  

Have a great weekend, friends!!

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Brocade Skirt

I love the beautiful brocade pieces out there for winter.  So classy and luxurious.  
After seeing some adorable dressy skirts in the little girls section, I really wanted one for my daughter.  She loves skirts and it would be perfect to wear during the Christmas events.
The best part is that I knew I had an old brocade-esque shirt in my clothing stash.  Immediately, it was transformed from trash to treasure!

And it was so easy!  First, I laid the shirt on my cutting mat.

And using an existing skirt, I marked out how long I wanted the new skirt to be.

Using my rotary cutter, I cut straight across the midsection of where I marked it.

Since there were a few layers in the shirt, I pinned and serged them all together to prevent it from shifting around.  A zigzag stitch works if you don't have a serger.

Then I folded under a waistband and pinned it in place.

Then sewed the waistband, leaving a few inches open for the elastic to slide through.

I used the existing skirt to measure out the length I needed for the elastic.  You can also measure your subjects waist.

I cut my elastic (adding an inch to sew together) and slid it through my waistband.

I sewed the elastic together, then finished the waistband.  Simple!

The brocade detail is subtle and I love the added sequins.. makes it even more festive!

She had to try it on as soon as I was done.  And, of course, add a red top and pretty headband.  (hint: stay tuned for the headband next week!)

Thanks for dropping by!!

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Girls Polkadot Scarf

I love a cute scarf.  And what's even more, I love a cute scarf on a my little girl.  
She's a mini me and loves to accessorize and to put her outfit together.
So when I had our family photo shoot last month, I thought I'd whip up her own little accessory.
A polkadot scarf.

Here's how I made it.
I had some yellow polkadot fabric I found on clearance that I've been itching to use.  And since I knew our color scheme for our family shoot included yellow, it was perfect for my project!

Not the most ideal fabric for a lightweight scarf, it was a cotton blend, so it was a little stiff.  I washed it with vinegar to soften it up and it worked much better.  First off, I needed a piece that measured 11.5 x 60 inches.

My fabric wasn't that long, so I had to cut two pieces and sew them together.

I didn't want icky seams, so after I sewed them together, like this, right sides in.

Then, I folded the raw edge under and pressed with an iron.

Then lay the pieces out flat and press again.

Pin flat and sew along the folded edge.

Now that the edge is flat and clean, move onto the other edges.

Roll or fold under a skinny hem, press and pin.

Do this to both long ends of your scarf and sew.

Next, do the short ends.

All your edges should now be finished.

Get some pom pom trim and pin along those short ends.

Sew them on and you're finished!!

I gave the scarf another quick wash to get rid of the straightness of the edges.

The result:  a super cute new scarf for my little fashionista!

Here's her wearing the scarf in our family shots.

Have a terrific Tuesday!

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