Friday, December 21, 2012

FPF: Throw A New Years Party!

Since Christmas is just next week.. (eek!  Actually it starts tomorrow for us since we have a handful of family events to attend) I figured I'd jump right into some New Year printables.
2013, my friends.  Pretty crazy.

So why not throw a fantabulous party for your friends and family and check out these awesome free printables for you to choose from!

To start things off, print off this cute subway art found here.

New Year's Subway Art Printable

Then check out these fun printables from The TomKat Studio.  The collection also includes party circles, garland and so much more!

Stop off at Catch My Party for these printables from Pick. Print. Party.  These are so glam!

If you want to stay with some gold and white shades check out these lovely printables from Celebrate.

Then print off these gorgeous tags by Love Byrd Design.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ruffles & Lace Embellished Shirt

I always find there aren't enough selection of tops for girls to coordinate with skirts.  Especially during the holiday season.  There's frilly, fancy skirts.  Then there's lovely, sparkly tops.  But you can't pair them together.  And I always feel a simple tee won't do a frilly, fancy skirt justice.
So I took matters into my own hands, and made my own.

It's perfect with all her skirts and with the color being an off white, it goes with anything!
Here's how...
You'll need an plain shirt, lace and scrap jersey knit material (preferably in the same color as your shirt).

Cut your knit fabric in strips using your rotary cutter or scissors.

With your sewing machine on the highest tension and the longest stitch, ruffle your strips of fabric.

Begin by pinning on one strip of the ruffled fabric, like so.

Sew it on to the shirt going along the existing stitch.

Then, lift your ruffle and pin on your lace using the same length.  You want the lace to show, but just not the top of the lace.

Sew it on the same way.

It should look like this so far.

Continue along doing as many layers as you like, I went with 3 layers of each.

I love how its fancy without being overwhelming.  And the best part is, my daughter LOVES it!

Hope you have a fabulous Christmas, everyone!!

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Friday, December 14, 2012

FPF: Christmas Card Printables

Happy Friday!!
Since we all know Christmas is only 10 DAYS AWAY, some of you procrastinators (ahem.. me) have yet to send off your Christmas cards.
Soo.. I found some awesome free printable Christmas cards for you to send off to all your family and friends.
I love the collection of Christmas cards from Ginger & George.  They are all so cute.. I'd want each one delivered to my mailbox!
Printable Christmas cards (all)
For a unique Christmas card, this one from Ellinee is fabulous.  The green tartan is the perfect touch!
Printable Country Christmas Petal Card
Falala Designs also has a crazy fun collection of Christmas cards.  Here's a little taste. 
falala christmas sweater300falala christmas wreath card300merry little 300falala cookie cards300
I love me some graphic red at Christmas.  Which is why I adore this one from Just Something I Made.
Still not enough ideas?  Find a sweet collection to pick from at Homemade Gifts Made Easy.  These cards are absolutely gorgeous!
free printable Christmas card
And if you like to add your family photo in your Christmas card, here's some very cool templates for you to use from Over The Big Moon.  There's five different ones to choose from!
Christmas%2BCard%2B3 Christmas Card Display + 5 Printable Christmas Cards
And to wrap things up, here's our own family Christmas card this year.  Have a Merry Christmas, everyone!!
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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fancy Christmas Headband

Yes, my friends.  I have yet another hair accessory tutorial for you.
With Christmas coming up, I love accenting my daughter's outfits with some cute hair accessories.  It helps that she loves to dress up.  So I created something a little sweet and fancy.. perfect for Christmas!

First off, I used sheer ribbon and an embroidery needle and thread.

I cut the ribbon in half lengthwise.

Then began to sew along the bottom edge of my ribbon strip, like this.

Once I had about 8 inches or so of the ruffled ribbon, I knotted the end of my thread and cut it off.

Then spiraled the strip so that I had a few layers of the ribbon stacked like a rosette.

After adding a few stitches to keep it together, I burnt the edges of the ribbon.

Using a pretty filigree button for the center, I stitched it in the center with the embroidery thread.

For the back, I cut a circle of red felt and glued it on.

For the other flower, I used a thin, white gauzy fabric and a jar lid for a template.

Once I had a circle shape, I layered my fabric and pinned.  Then cut out my circles all at once.  You'll need 6 or more circles.

I kept 2, then trimmed the other 4 down to two different sizes.  Two of each size.

Then using a lit candle, I burnt all the edges of my circles.

Then I stacked each circle, biggest to smallest and stitched the center a few times.

I then used 3 pearl colored beads for the center and sewed them on with a needle and thread.

Then I used white felt and cut a two circle shape, like this.

Hot glued onto the side of my headband.

And then glued on my flowers.

You are done!

Fancy enough for this gal!

Have a terrific day!!

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