Friday, March 1, 2013

Kids Skateboard Craft

Happy Friday, everyone!
As I said before, our basement is still being worked on (painting starts today!!), so my craft supplies are stored up... awaiting my return.  Which I cannot wait for!

But that doesn't mean the kids crafts aren't happening.
With my daughter at school, it leaves a lot of time for me and my boys.  And now that they're 3, crafting is a little easier and funner for them.  
The boys like doing crafts, just not as much as my daughter, which is fine.  So I figured I'd make it a little more enjoyable with some 'boy-friendly' ideas... like skateboards!!

Here's what you need:
white glue (or a stapler)
toilet paper/paper towel cardboard rolls
cardboard or sturdy paper
stickers, markers, embellishments of your choice

First off, make your 'wheels' by cutting your cardboard roll into 4 1-1/12" inch pieces.

Trace a skateboard shape on to your cardboard piece, like so.  

Then cut it out.

Now for the fun part.. decorate it!

Once you're happy with your board decor, get your white glue ready.

And add 4 blobs for each wheel.

Press each one on and let it dry.

Ta-da!  Skateboards!

Believe me, they loved them so much they wanted to try to ride them themselves. 

A perfect craft for boys (and girls too!).

Have fun!!
And have a great weekend.

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