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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cupcake Liner Storage

As you may have noticed, there are a ton of cupcake liner storage ideas out there.  Mostly in jars and pretty canisters.  Well, since I love to organize on a budget, I found something else at the local dollar store that worked better!!

It started with these.. too many of these..

Anyone else have a weakness for pretty cupcake liners?  I try to keep strong.. really, this could be so much worse.

Anyways, this is what I found.

Just a cereal keeper container.  Nothing fancy.  (I actually bought a few more for my cereal, too).

I piled them in, big ones than the little ones.

And there was even room for more..  maybe not a good thing.

I can still see them all, too.

The best part?  Slim storage.  It makes things much more tidy and compact.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Craft Shelf Makeover

Remember when I showed you some fun thrift store finds.. oh back in September?  And I told you I'd be giving this guy a little makeover.  
Yeah, it took this long to finally do it.  Doesn't really help my 'craft room' that was getting drywalled in January is still getting drywalled.  Things just are not moving.  We just have WAY too many outdoor things we gotta get done (including a veggie garden, sandbox, chalkboard wall, shed and of course, more flowers).  So the craft room is on hold.  Oh well.

Well, I did finally accomplish what I hoped for with this guy though.
He couldn't wait for the craft room.  
Might I add.. I still HAVE a craft room.  It's just not the half finished/under construction room that I told you about.  In fact, this room is still unfinished... and cold.  So it's not as pretty as I'd like it.

Anyways.  Here's how I made this thing new again.


Painted a lilac color.
Already it's lovely, right!?

I got together my scrapbook paper and mod podge and went to work.

I measured my shelves and cut the paper accordingly.

Mod podged.

Then papered.  

Then sealed on a coat of mod podge.

Once it was dry, I sprayed a coat of clear finish over the whole thing.

And it's funky and fun and perfect for my craft room.

Just gotta figure out what's going in it.  Either way, it is made over!  What do you think!?

I'll add the pics of how it's being used once I know myself.
Thanks for stopping by!

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Monday, March 12, 2012

More Furniture.. New Entry Bench

I have been wanting an entry bench/organizer forever.  Sadly, our entrance doesn't have much room for a large piece of furniture and I wanted something guests could sit on to put on their shoes or rest their bag.
While 'shopping' for my TV console table, I found this cubby bench plan.
It was perfect.  Perfect size.  Perfect shape.  Enough room for the kids stuff.  Perfect.

So off the hubby went to build me my 'perfect' bench.  And, once again, I love it!
No more messy winter gear strewn all over the place.  Now each child has their own basket and the little shelf even works for their little shoes (at least until they're no longer little).
And thank goodness winter is coming to an end.  The winter wear tends to drive me bonkers.  Mostly because my two little twin monsters like to 'dress up' in them and then I get the mess to tidy up later.

Anyways, here it is.

I'm debating on whether I want a bench cushion or not.  I might just add a few throw pillows to pretty it up.  What do you think?
(Here it is without the shoes.)

It works great for the space and the kids love to have their own basket to put their things in.

Are you wondering about those baskets yet?  
They may not seem so amazing.  But I'm happy to say they started out as dollar store plastic baskets and ended up these luxurious brown lovelies.  Ha!  Well, maybe not luxurious.  But they sure are soft.

Stay tuned this week for the tutorial on how to cover your cheap baskets.
UPDATE!!  Check out the tutorial for fabric covered dollar store baskets here!

I just love having a handy husband.  Makes my life a little easier!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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